Custom Wig Making (Providing your OWN hair)

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We Provide Custom Wig Making Services 
Please select bundle option or plan to provide your own hair before selecting this option.
The Construction of a WIG consists of YOU purchasing or sending 3 bundles of wefted hair(bundles) and/or 360 frontal, frontal, closure etc to have a wig constructed by our licensed stylist. Our units are Machine Sewn Ensuring durability, longevity, and are very natural looking which gives you the appearance of a SEW In or natural hairstyle.
Custom Wigs By Bossladii are created on a breathable cap w/adjustable straps, shampooed & conditioned(if necessary) and styled to a basic style unless discussed otherwise, and returned to you via Pick up or shipped Priority mail.
HAIR is NOT included in this price and/or service, & DOES NOT INCLUDE INSTALL.
Shipping charges vary
Most Common Wig Types

A U-Part Wig is a wig with a U-shaped piece cut out in the front that allows you to pull some of your hair/"leave out" through to blend with the wefted hair and provide a very natural look. The U Part wig is secured with clips and combs, and can also be sewn on for longer wear.

The "U" cut out can be a variety of sizes, and it’s usually in the center, but can also be on the left or right side if you want to wear a side part. The wig can also sit further back, and you can have up to about an inch of your entire front hairline as the leave out along with the portion of leave out in the U part area. Some people will even leave out the whole circumference of their hairline so they can put their hair in a ponytail.

The key to making the U part wig work for you is the blend. The additional hair blend itself needs to be a perfect match to your hair color and texture, or else it defeats the purpose.

*Please Note that you have to be careful with your natural hair/leave out because depending on how you are styling, you can easily damage the leave-out portion and have texture/breakage issues over time.

*The Picture below is how it looks 


The Closure Wig is one of our second popular wigs due to it giving 100% coverage of your natural hair. If you have thinning hair issues, undergoing the re-growth and/or the big chop process, or just want a great protective style. The Lace Closure Wig may be perfect for you. It is quick and easy to install, and can be sewn down or taken off daily.  This Wig is typically made with a 4x4 closure (larger closures are available) and 2-3 bundles depending on length of hair. 

*The Picture below is how it looks 


The Lace Frontal Wig is our most popular luxury wig and also gives 100% coverage of your natural hair. It is typically made with a 13x4 or 13x6 frontal and 2-3 bundles depending on length. This wig Is super natural looking, can have deep parting and is very versatile when it comes to styling options. A Lace Frontal Wig Can be Glued Down, Sewn on or able to be removed daily. This Wig is perfect for someone who is aware of the maintenance, care and customization required with the normal wear of frontal wigs (Frontal are not for everyone).  

*The Picture below is how it looks 


The 360 Frontal wig not only gives you the luxury of 100% coverage of your natural hair, but it also allows you to wear you hair in a full ponytail without leaving any hair out. 360 lace wig comes with adjustable straps in the back that helps get a nice and snug fit without needing to use glue, tape or even sewing it on as many of us do.

*The Picture & Video below is how it looks