Wig and Hair Care

Wigs and Hair Extensions are here to stay!
When It comes to your Beauty By Bossladii's Wig or Hair Extensions, Proper Maintenance is Key! 
Whether you wear your hair everyday or only on certain occasions, keeping it clean is important. A clean wig doesn’t only look better, it is also safer, since it’s not filled with built-up contaminants. If you don’t wash your wig regularly, it can start looking limp, greasy and unattractive. Luckily, washing and blow drying your wig or hair extensions is really easy. 
Please follow our suggestions below to keep your hair extensions and/or wig in its best condition.
Keep the hair clean! 
Human Hair Wigs and Hair Extensions should be washed ONLY by hand with a gentle sulfate free shampoo in cool water, Conditioned, thoroughly rinsed and then air-dried with NO HEAT. We suggest that you wash the hair at least once or twice every 2 weeks.
Please wash the hair immediately after swimming, spa, exercise, and etc. When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair tangles. Too much leave-in conditioners and other hair care products will create a build up on the hair and will cause it to tangle faster. If the hair feels dry or heavy with build up, wash it with good shampoo & conditioner.
2. Before washing the hair, spray mixture of conditioner and water and brush the hair from bottom up. You must gradually wet the hair down and brush it gently before you completely wash the hair. If the hair is very dry and a lot of water is added at once, hair will swell up like sponge and tangle! Therefore, it is important to gradually wet the hair and brush it.
3. After wetting the hair, add shampoo and conditioner and brush thoroughly. Be sure to wash and brush the hair in one direction. Rinse the hair completely with water and towel dry. It is best to air dry the hair but you can also blow-dry with low to medium heat.
4. Make sure you brush the hair daily and apply some leave-in conditioners so that the hair is soft and moist. A good leave-in hair treatment can keep the hair from drying. But remember not to put too much otherwise there will be a build up and make the hair feel too heavy. If the hair feels too dry or heavy with too much hair care products, you should wash the hair completely by following steps 2 and 3.
5. When swimming, always wear a cap to prevent prolong exposure to chlorine or salt water which causes the hair to tangle. Always wash the hair right away with shampoo and conditioner after swimming in both types of water. When going to the spa, the hair should be brushed out completely and should be wrapped in a cold wet towel.
6. Make couple of big braids when going to sleep, swim, or exercise (please untangle the hair before making the braids). NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR. Make sure the hair is completely dry before going to bed.
7. You can also make a leave-in conditioner at home by diluting conditioner (10%) with water (90%). Apply the mixture lightly onto your hair and brush the hair from the end to the top near the scalp. Although it is important to apply leave-in conditioners to keep the hair from dryness, it is important to keep the hair clean by washing the hair about twice a week so that it will not create a build up.
Minimizing Shedding/Tangling
Minimal shedding on a lace wig is to be expected due to the fact that the hair is hand tied by a single knot (sometimes a double knot) to a lace base material. To ensure that shedding is minimized, Beauty By Bossladii recommends a technique called sealing the knots to minimize shedding. While, this does not completely eliminate the problem of shedding, it does significantly minimize excessive knot slippage. Excessive shedding can cause thinning of the hair and bald patches on your unit. To minimize these effects it is very important that you maintain proper care for your unit combing, styling and everyday use. Below are things to avoid.
Causes for Shedding Balding/Thinning
1. Combing your lace wig while it is still wet after washing and conditioning
2. Roughness while combing and washing/handing your lace wig
3. Using very oily or greasy hair care products on your unit
4. Not thoroughly removing adhesives from your unit prior to washing
5. Using hot or very warm water when washing your unit
6. Combing your wig from root to tip instead of from tip to root.
Occasionally, wigs may tangle or knot up at the nape (back of the neck) because that area rubs the back, shoulders, jackets, hoods etc. The thinner the hair the more likelihood there is that it will clump – this is totally normal.
The best way to prevent tangles is to brush the wig every day and keep it moisturized. This is very important to keep the wig or hair healthy and prevent dry tangling, as it doesn't receive natural oils from the head.
Below are a few maintenance techniques which will help prevent excessive hair shedding.
1. Use Knot Sealer- Knot Sealer is a product that comes in small spray bottle that is used to seal the knots on your lace wig. Turn the wig inside out, spray on the mesh or lace and allow it to completely dry before wearing it. It is also important that you Reseal the knots after every wash. Wait for your unit to completely dry before spraying Knots Sealer.
2. Do Not Scratch your scalp through your lace wig as this will cause shedding. Instead, pat your head with your hand or remove your unit and treat your scalp with anti-itch shampoo and then moisturize your scalp.
3. Use a wide tooth comb or wig brush (cushion brush). Comb from the tip up while holding the hair above so that you will avoid pulling at the knots.
4. Never comb your lace wig while wet. Prior to washing the hair make sure you comb it out thoroughly.
5. Avoid using care products with high Alcohol content i.e Spritz, Hair Spray, Shampoos etc. These products can damage the hair causing breakage and/or shedding.
6. You must thoroughly remove glue residue from our wig. Letting adhesives build up on your unit will cause shedding
7. Do not Blow Dry or Sit under a dryer with heat. We highly recommend letting your wig or hair extensions air dry after washing. If you must blow dry, make sure it is on a cool setting. Blow Dryer heat will damage/Split the knots causing shedding.
8. When sleeping in your wig or hair extensions it is best to braid or twist up your hair so it does not tangle while you sleep. You should gently comb your hair out each night prior to wrapping it up in the scarf. Also it is very important that you wrap a silk or satin scarf or bonnet around your head, this will help to prevent friction which will cause breakage and/or shedding.
Caring for your lace wig requires proper routine maintenance. The products you use on your hair are one of the main factors that will determine how healthy the hair looks and how long it will last. Most main stream products found at the super market or drug store are not ideal for lace wig care. The reason is because these products have a very high alcohol and chemical content which can be detrimental to the hair on your unit. Alcohol severely dries the hair while a high chemical content creates a high alkaline pH which causes tangling.
If you are interested in Maintenance to your wig, we suggest taking it to a professional stylist. Reason being, wigs are like your natural hair. Once you make a mistake, you cant take it back! 
Don't Neglect Your Own Hair While Wearing Wigs
Wearing wigs is not an excuse to forget about your own hair! Always make sure your hair is clean, pulled back or braided with the flattest foundation possible to avoid wig from appearing too small or unnatural. It's also recommended that you use a wig cap to keep hair clean, out the way and moisturized (if you have dry hair, condition your hair then put on a wig cap). If you wear your wig constantly a wig cap will keep hair moisturized, and help prevent friction causing breakage and shedding to the natural hair.

Wigs are a very fun and easy way to change up your style. If you take proper care of it, it'll look fabulous for a long time! Consult our professional licensed stylist to see which type of wig works best for you!